'The Land of Many Waters'

Guyana is located on the northeastern coast of South America. It is a 83,000 square - mile stretch of intact rainforest where a large number of exotic and unique tropical animals and plants, call their home. Guyana shares the Amazon basin with its southern neighbor Brazil, and give a touch of its beauty to its western and eastern neighbors, Venezuela and Suriname respectively. However it hasn't stop! Guyana, "land of many waters" as it is also known, is bordered on the north by the Atlantic Ocean which is the main waterway to Guyana's dense tropical forest and savannas, areas probably never seen before by man! Out of the total area of 214969 sq km, approximately 78 % is covered with rainforest, savannas and mountainous area. These provides home for some of the most exotic birds such as the giant harpy eagle, the Macaw and amazing mammals such as the Sloth and the Raccoon; and unusual reptiles as the anaconda.

Animal Farm Guyana

Animal Farm became a reality through the perseverance of its current managers. The driving force behind this venture was the need to establish a successful business which evolves around animals. After a detailed plan of what this business would look like and what its main goals would be, 'Animal Farm' was established 1997. Since its inception, Animal Farm has worked to meet the needs of a variety of clients from around the world, including the United States, Holland, China, Canada, etc.

The Most Interesting Animals

Click here to learn more about the lesser anteater or tamandua. Common name: Tamandua
Scientific name: Tamandua tetradactyla
Description: Short tan fur with elongated skull, some specimens exhibit 'vested' pattern with dark brown patch of fur... [Learn more]
Click here to learn more about the squirrel monkey. Common name: Squirel monkey
Scientific name: Saimiri sciureus
Description: Short fur that is olive on the shoulders and yellowish on the extremities and back. [Learn more]
Click here to see more pictures of the Blue and Gold Macaw. Common name: Blue and Gold Macaw
Scientific name: Ara ararauna
Description: Predominantly blue coloration with yellow feathers on the underside and a large black beak... [Learn more]